Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Please note:

Yes it's true - Shoegazer is rebranding and moving house! I decided it was time to take everything I've learnt about blogging and create a more coheasive, streamlined blog. I also wanted to create a blog more focussed on supporting the webshop (Lily in the Labyrinth) that will be opening soon: So, Lily in the Labyrinth will now be the name of my shop and blog. Please visit the link and please do let me know any feedback you have about the new layout/format etc etc.
I may still update Shoegazer from time to time with random musings and finds so check back from time to time if you can :) I've loved keeping this blog over the years but really feel ready to move to the next level and combine shop and blog branding.
Comments, followers and contact are always appreciated and welcomed!
Find me on Twitter: @blogshoegazer
Shoegazer x
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