Monday, 29 September 2008


Kelly Smith lives and works in Tasmania, Australia. Her work has been used nationwide including in publications such as Vice. Visit her really nicely designed website, her etsy shop and her blog if you like what you see here.
PS. I am jealous of people who can draw like this!

Sunday, 28 September 2008

(OvO) - Owls!

Shoegazer Creative:
I made these owls a while ago and intend to make more in the future. They are made of embossed felt, vintage fabric and wooden buttons and hang by a ribbon. Each owl measures approx 14cm from base to ear tip. Two of these three have been given as gifts to friends... the other one, I kept :D (OvO) Hoot!
If you would like an owl, please comment or email for prices etc. Thanks x

Friday, 26 September 2008

Illustration Inspiration

Shen Plum is an illustrator and designer based in Canada. I really enjoy they way she represents animal fur in her images as hundreds of tiny marks, also her sketchbook is something worth diving into for a while if you get time! (and be sure to meet her Zombie Bunny! - see 3rd pic below)

You can visit Shen Plum's website, her flickr or her myspace if you like what you see here.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Pretty Little Things

These lovely items are by Lori Marie, a self taught textile artist from northern California. You can visit her website, her etsy and her blog if you like the look of these pieces. They make me want to start making felt things again (it's been a while...)

Unusual things . . .

Guess who's been window shopping online again . . .

Circus cushions by Boodalee for Fawn&Forest - $32

Baby bird ring - $45

Tap necklace with drip - $75

Owl broach - $110

Jewellery from Uncommon Goods

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Costume Drama

These dresses, from various A/W 08 collections, are more like costumes. They make me want to write some kind of other-worldly costume drama . . .
I wanted to be a costume designer for years, but when I studied Fine Art and we did a costume project I found out I was actually useless at making clothes so put that dream to bed. I designed a very structered dress based on the figures of Giacometti, but - I'd never made any item of clothing before and the staff at the college were so rubbish at providing help and guidence that it didn't really work. Nevertheless, I still really appreciate dramatic, detailed and beautifully different designs.
Alexander McQueen - you could almost cast each dress to a character, they're so opulent and beautiful.
I'm not entirely sure who these are by as all I could find was the tag AROR (if anyone knows, please comment!)....

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Favourite of S/S09 so far...

This collection by Charles Anastase is just perfect...Huge block heels, gorgeous colour-combos, frills, layers, silly glasses, leather, demin, suspenders, patches, ruffles, ribbons, socks, knits... ILI!

Images from and others

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Songs that inspire ...

Elevator straight into my skull
The escalator rises as it falls
I swear our jet is crashing in my mind
You can hold on but I wouldn't waste your time
Farewell my black balloon
Farewell my black balloon
I've stood in a thousand street scenes
Just around the corner from you
On the edge of a dream that you have
Has anybody ever told you, it's not coming true?
Farewell my black balloon
Farewell my black balloon
The weather had its way with you
Farewell my black balloon
Let the weather have its way with you
Farewell my black balloon
Black Balloon - The Kills.
(I can't get enough of this song at the minute)

The Giving Tree

These beautiful illustrations are by Em Lewis and from a one off book entitled The Giving Tree, written by Shel Silverstein. You can flick through the pages of the book here

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Bears love fashion too

I wish I could afford a Karl Lagerfeld teddy bear! $1,500 though... yikes!

Japan Fashion Week

I was inspired by my friend Ele's blog to check out some of the images from this week's "Japan Fashion Week" in Tokyo. There seem to be a lot of 80s style power jackets going on... but here are some outfits that caught my eye...

First is Kamishima Chinami's collection - I love the textures, colours, fabrics and subtle embelishments...Then there's Ritsuko Shirahama's simple red dress with a splash of colour . . .
And here are a couple that make me go "wha-wazz-zat?!" lol.
Not keen on the hair/make-up for these by Hiroko Ito for Hisui... and I'm not keen on the clothes either tbh. . .

After the fury Topshop's "Love My Bones" tshirt caused, I can't see that a dress with bones actually attached to it would go down very well anywhere except a Halloween party.
More to follow!

Monday, 1 September 2008

One, ah-ha-ha, one Count!

Shoegazer creative:I made this hanging decoration of The Count from Sesame Street for a friend.
It hangs by a ribbon and is about 10cm wide.

Materials: Felt, card, ribbon, glue.

Fashion: A/W 08-9

I'm not normally a fan of Gucci as they seem to have been taken over by the wannabe-WAG generation, but I have to say I absolutely LOVE their Autumn/Winter 08-9 collection!
From the smokey eyes, peachy checks and gorgeous tousled hair, to the fabrics and prints, right down to the fringing and embelishments - I can't get enough of this Russian inspired collection.

Images from various websites

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