Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Shoegazer Collections: Vintage Tins

As I said in my last post, I seem to have begun a collection of little vintage tins. Most of these I found when we were clearing my Nan's old house last year, infact the only one I've bought is the His Master's Voice grammar phone needle tin which I love because music is a big part of my life. 
Vintage Tins...
Above and Below: I found the vintage tabbacco tin stuffed full of old button. The pretty, pale blue pin tin is still full of the original pins as is the Ivy Series drawing pin tin. I love that someone has put soeme tiny dice and games counters in the HMV tin, they obviously put them in there to keep them safe.

 When I move out I hope these will look perfect on a display shelf.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Shoegazer Visits: Angel, London

I'm a regular in Angel, London on a Saturday night but last weekend I ventured there in the afternoon to have a look at the antique stalls and unusual little shops. I picked up a bird brooch and a very cute antique His Master's Voice grammar phone needle tin to add to my various collections.
Now let's let the pictures do the talking . . .
If you like hunting out little oddities then it's well worth a visit when you next have a free Saturday, I much prefer these informal market stalls and jam-packed, quirky little shops to snobby, over-priced, off-putting "proper" antique shops. Just sayin'.
After visiting the Antique places, we went in a lovely shop called After Noah. From the front it looks like a children's toy shop, and infact half of the shop IS dedicated to traditional, unusual children's toys - but the other half is full of a mix of old and new finds - from furniture to tin robots and pretty stationary. Lovely! Here are some shots from the shop . . .
Up next: I will show you the little tin I got along with some more of my vintage tin collection.  

Friday, 19 March 2010

Shoegazer's Friday Finds

No theme today, just some nice things I've come across and thought I'd share.
Above: Photography / Knitted stone covers etc from Knitalatte
Above: Gorgeous photography and images from IS Photography
Above: Carry your book collection around your neck! Why not? These gorgeous, handmade leather-bound books come from The Black Spot Books
Above: Unique, handmade watches from Revolt 70. The faces have such character!
Above: Not that I'm getting married *cough*yet*cough* but this simple, elegant dress is so pretty I couldn't resist blogging it. From ThreadHead and made of eco friendly organic silk.
Above: This wooden wall art from Yellow Owl Workshop would look great on my planned wall-of-prints. ~(OvO)~ hoot hoot!

I hope you have a lovely weekend x

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Shoegazer Finds: Fresh Picks for Spring

Time for some Shoegazer Finds! We've had a run of sunny days here and Spring definately seems to be on its way!  Crocuses, snowdrops and daffoldils are bursting in to bloom and it's not long until the clocks go forward. I really can't want for the warmer weather this year, I'm just itching to bust out the summer wardrobe and spend more time outside. So to get us all in the mood, here are some fresh picks for Spring...

Above: I love the pastel colours of this posey necklace from Nest Pretty Things. So on trend for S/S10!
Above: Add this pretty Spring Crocus Clutch to a simple summer dress for a fresh, Spring look. From Jiorji.
Above: If you fancy doing a Natasha Khan with a headband, why not try this pretty, girly Summer Dream Headband also from Jiorji on Etsy.
Above: If traditional floral isn't your cup of tea, check out Yellena's work and add some alternative blooms, doodles and patterns to your walls.
Above: Inspired by Snowdrops, these pearl and fresh mint-green earrings from WeeSparrow would add a hint of the season to your look.
Above: Another pretty necklace, this one comes from Pen de Chose.
Above: This gorgeous and unique sculpted textile blue Iris brooch is from Bonheur
Above: Bring the season into your home with this hand-thrown smooth vase from RedHotPottery featuring a couple of little birdies having a chat on the rim...

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Shoegazer Specials: Alice in Wonderland pt1

Ah Alice in Wonderland, the gift that keeps on giving. Earlier this week I went and saw Tim Burton's take on the Alice in Wonderland tale and wasn't disappointed. I'd expected an over-use of CGI to annoy me but instead I found it worked well. Some of my friends have said they weren't keen on this adaptation as it felt a little souless to them ~ but I must have been so wrapped up in Wonderland that that complaint completely didn't register with me. But blockbuster aside... Alice in Wonderland is a theme that a lot of people pick up on, be it for fashion trends, party decorations or creative inspiration. With that in mind, I decided to have a browse for some Alice related finds, fresh from Wonderland . . .
Above: Absolutely perfect if you're heading to an Alice in Wonderland themed party, these tights are from Post.
Above: This gorgeous, simple jewellery comes from Blu Grn Design.
Above: I love this pin topper set from GigiMinor.
Above: Visit Untamed Menagerie to pick up this necklace and a Curiouser & Curiouser version. Perfect!
Above: Decorate your own Wonderland with this playing-card bunting from The Missing Thread.
Above: This Alice themed facsinator comes from The French Mouse and, slid into your hair, would instantly give you that Wonderland feel.
Above: Pick up this "portrait of a hare" from MiddleBurg, before it's too late! Tick tock! 
Above: Add some artefacts from Wonderland to your wall art. This comes from Geek Details.
Above: Keep the white rabbit close at all times with this subtle necklace from Hihlo Studios.

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