Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Shoegazer Fashion Finds: Unique AW10 / Animal headwear

Time for something a little less 'realistic'. Today's second AW10 Fashion pick is Unique, who styled their collection with some whimsical animal headwear... which got me thinking, if you did want to recreate this look, what's out there to help you? So here, along with images of the Unique collection, are some Shoegazer Finds that fit with the theme.
Above: Mister Tumnuss IS Narnia's Next Top Model.
So, here are the finds I came across. Crimp your hair, stick these on your head and you're well away....
Above: This Racoon mask is from Captain Cat.
Above: Leather fox mask from teonova
Above: A simple antler headband, secured with elastic. From faerywhere
And finally... the obvious option:
Above: Dig out your novelty christmas antlers. Sorted.  

Shoegazer Fashion: Anna Sui AW10

Todays first AW10 fashion pick is Anna Sui. As ever, I love her delicate dresses with pretty prints and on this occasion love how they are styled with thick, maybe even knitted tights and coats (I never knew I was such a stickler for practical/realistically wearable fashion). Also... HELLO JEWELLERY! I've noticed a distinct lack of jewellery so far (sad times for a jewellery lover)... so it's nice to see some necklaces going on here.
pics: catwalking

Let me know what you think of this collection. Please comment :)

Monday, 22 February 2010

Shoegazer Fashion: Marc by Marc Jacobs AW10

Looking at some of the collections from New York and London Fashion Weeks has left me pretty cold so far but I have spotted a few collections I like. Today's post is in tribute to Marc by Marc Jacobs (I know right, when will I get over it??) I view his collection as very flattering, wearable and realistic!

pics: catwalking

What do you think of this collection? Do you like it? Or maybe think it's too safe?
Please comment! :)

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Shoegazer finds: Year of the Tiger

The Chinese New Year has bought with it the year of the Tiger so to celebrate, here are some tiger-based finds to get your teeth into. Fact: Apparently the Tiger wards off the three biggest household threats - fire, theft and ghosts... so you can sleep safe for a year without the threat of fire breathing burglar ghosts. WIN! Enjoy... 
Above: This vibrant, clean cut Tiger print comes from DutchFloor and would look great in amongst a cluster of framed prints.
Above: Baxter the Tiger comes from the wonderful Etsy shop NoneSuchGarden. Puuurfect.
Above: It's the yeeeear...of the tigerrrr! (Who can resist a bit of Eye of the Tiger based word play this year?). This Tigerrrrrrrr print comes from KaizenCollective.  I love the block print over the patterned background.
Above: Possibly the cutest Tiger find of this crop, this little plushie Lucky Tiger comes from MeMeCraftWork.  
Above: Why not get some personalised Tiger book plates? Who knew Tigers were so resourceful with their tails?! These are from Oiseaux.
Above: This quirky Tiger loves nothing better than laying back and flying his kite. If you like kite Tigers, visit Erinaellis.
Above: Pick up this print of a very stately Tiger from Berkley Illustration. He's such a cad!
Above: Lastly, the smallest of today's finds... this Tiny Tiger comes from VioletPi. Meow :)

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Shoegazer finds: Tuesday Treats!

Some little finds to brighten a dull and rainy Tuesday... firstly some second-glance jewellery from Locher's. I'm calling it "second-glace" jewellery because when you first see it, it looks quite cutesy and sweet... but just take a closer look....
Next up, you know I'm a sucker for foxes... this simple card if from Lisa Jones.
Talking of foxes, have a look at this little plush fox from Astulabee available from ReformSchool (which, by the way, is a really nicely designed website!)
If you love the fox plush, check out this grizzly bear plush again from Astulabee at ReformSchool:
Lastly, bringing it back to jewellery... this rope and cube necklace comes from the UK-based Vamoose on Etsy and is perfect for those who appreciate simple jewellery. Visit Kathryn's beautiful and inspiring Blog / Website for more gorgeous and unusual jewellery.
That's all for now :)

Friday, 12 February 2010

R.I.P Alexander McQueen

Yesterday the sad news came that Alexander McQueen had died, on the first day of New York Fashion Week at the age of 40. I know this post is just another drop in the sea of blog posts paying tribute to him, but as he was one of my absolute favourite designers I thought I’d pay tribute in my own small way to his amazing, theatrical, inspiring, emotion-provoking work.
A while ago I made this post about how his designs were more like gorgeous costumes and I think that’s what I liked the most about him. His creations were so visionary and ‘out there’ and his shows were amazing theatrical events rather than just models trudging the same old path down the catwalk. 
Alexander McQueen was a true creative genius and a British designer to be proud of. I know him and his work will be missed by so many people, but I’m sure his influence on the fashion world will stretch on forever. R.I.P Lee McQueen, gone too soon. (I hope you make everyone in heaven look fierce!)
Such a sad time for British Fashion.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Shoegazer finds: Embroidery

I'm currently itching to get my hands on some mini embroidery hoops to get started on a project I have an idea for. Until I have them I've been looking around to see how other people are putting embroidery / embroidery hoops to good use. Here are some of my favourite finds so far:
Above: I love love love the embroidered necklaces from SpinThread, particularly this one.
Above: A nice example of how embroidery can work in a mixed media piece of work. This is an old envelope from 1927 with collage and embroidery breathing new life to it. The simple, subtle embroidered flowers are perfect! Check out Hens Teeth on Flickr for more.
Above: This embroidered colour wheel by Wardi must have taken hours! It would look great left in the frame and hung as wall art. Be sure to take a look at Wardi's photostream for more embroidery-based treats!
Above: ...Speaking of embroidery hoop wall art, I have loved this piece by Hare and Drum since I first saw it early last year. Check out the etsy shop for other bits of hoop art featuring jelly fish, birds, flowers and more.
Above: If you're falling in love with hoop-based art then you really need to take a look at Mary's Granddaughter on Etsy. Many of the pieces feature tiny antique doll arms which make them really stand out as unusal.
Above: Here Claire Platt (who also knits some fabulous aeroplanes!) deconstructs the different processes and timings of one of her pieces of embroidery. Very interesting.
Above: Last but not least, if embroidery still makes you think of old ladies sitting round gossiping whilst they sew.... the work of Davis Jacque will surely change your perspective. This modern, bright embroidery freestyle gives the artform a completely contemporary edge. Check out flickr for more.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Shoegazer finds: Animal Magic

Just a couple of quick and cute animaly finds today for you as it's publishing day here and I haven't had much time to browse (how dare work get in the way of my blogging?? haha) Enjoy... x
Firstly, regular readers know I have a soft spot for fox-based jewellery and things, and I couldn't resist sharing this little picture of a poorly fox cub. Awwww, poor thing! (Found on ffffound

Next, some gorgeous cupcakes from Coco Cake... om noms... Owls... lions...and cake? Perfec'!
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