Friday, 28 May 2010

Friday Finds: Let's go to the Seaside!

The sun has finally put his hat on, and when the weather's hot most of us start hankering for the beach. So this week's Friday Finds are all seaside and nautical themed to help you spruce up your summer with some beachy-beauties . . .
Above: Raw brass ship's wheel ring from Brilliance Found.
Above: Keep lookout as you sunbathe with this nautical telescope necklace from Fleur Avenue.
Above: Sometimes there's nothing better than traditional English seaside Fish and Chips. Wear your chip fork with pride thanks to this quirky necklace from Tatty Devine.
Above: You've heard of a ship in a bottle, now get a ship in a locket! This Ladyship Locket is from Marisolspoon.

Above: What better reason to wear one of these cool creations from The Vamoose?

Above: At least this seagull can't poo on your 99. From Tatty Devine.
Above: I love this Fish & Chip shop screen print from MrPS. Also available as a tea towel!
Above: Lobster rug from Anthropologie. "Pinchy pinchy kiss kiss"
Above: Cute little crab door knob also from Anthropologie
Above: Ok, so Anthropologie win for nautical-themed homewear. Seahorse cushion. Pop to the site or in store for loads more gorgeous homewear.
Above: Ahoy there! Keep your pieces of eight (aka ice cream money!) in this pretty clip frame purse from Accessorize.
Above: Share the seaside love with your feet and work these ship-shape flip flops this summer. Accessorize.
Above: No trip to the beach would be complete without a bucket and spade right? No matter how old you are! So get this vintage tin bucket and spade from Dotcomgiftshop and you'll be crafting castles in no time. Try to resist smashing up those of little kids so that yours is the best on the beach... I know it's hard... but just let it go.
Above: Frame them or collage them, this pack of Britsh Seaside memorabilia will add a hint of old fashioned summer fun to your home / notebook / project. From Cloth Ears.
Above: Everyone loves a summer scarf. and I particularly love this swallow print one from Accessorize - so much I may go hunting for it tomorrow!
Above: Last but not least, the classic, unbeatable, naff 80s classic - The Jelly Shoe! We should accept none of these fashionable, overpriced jelly shoe immitators and stick to the good old, cheap as chips, bog standard ones we had as kids. I'm sure you can pick some up from any decent seaside gift shop (why not grab a Kiss Me Quick hat whilst you're there?? Go on.... ) Revisit your childhood and GIVE YOURSELF SOME HAPPY 80s FEET!  

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Shoegazer Creative: My Photos - Brighton

Brighton, May 2010
Old signage, bunting and Union Jacks. Three things I love.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Shoegazer Finds: Nancy Zhang / Giia Jewellery

A fashion find for you today from 24 year old illustrator Nancy Zhang who accompanies every Look Book post she makes with a gorgeous illustration of herself in the outfit. I love this idea! And I love her outfits!
Check her out on Look Book and on her Blog.
If, like me, you're a jewellery-magpie, then your eye was probably drawn to the statement necklace seen here in the first and last pictures ... this statement bib necklace is made of felt with gold eyelets and comes from Milan-based Etsy user GIIA. Find the exact necklace here. The GIIA shop has some truly amazing felt jewellery.
More from Giia...

Friday, 7 May 2010

Shoegazer Loves: PIGEONS!

Do you know what's underrated? Pigeons! Flying rodents they are not. They are birds through and through. They can't help it that there are a lot of them (well, they could help it if there were sex-ed classes for birds). They can't help it that the city-dwelling ones get grubby... if anything that's our fault for polluting. They can't even help it that occasionally they need to poo... from a great height... into your hair/sandwich/best dress. Shit happens (see what I did there??). So lay off them!
I hate it when I see one limping around on a stumpy, broken foot, and when I see a kid running screaming at a poor pigeon I feel like giving the brat a taste of his or her own medicine and running screaming at them... with an axe. (Ok, maybe not with an axe.)

Fellow pigeon lover Debbie Hill (who I blogged about here) maintains the lovely Pigeons Aren't Perfect (see image below)... which instantly melted my heart because, as you now know, I have long championed the cause of the pigeons.
Last summer a pigeon-baby was born on my window sill and I watched it grow from egg to fledgeling bird (man, they look freaky as babies). Anyway, that prompted me to make a pigeon plushie . . . Now, this pigeon certainly isn't perfect, but it took an age to make and was a great learning experience at the time as I was new to 3D plushies. See whut choo fink ...

I also recently came across a pigeon-related doodle I did a couple of years ago. Meet Pigeon Winehouse... she's a dirty bird:
Well, they were are my offerings to the plight of the pigoen in creative culture. Here are some other pigeony-picks in an attempt to convert you to the cause . . .

^^^ Pigeons by Zoe Austin^^^
^^^Hey Pigeon, I Like You - print by Jackie Lehmann^^^
^^^Urban Birdwatching - dish by MayLuk^^^
^^^What a Poop - Pigeon Poo Mug by HelloLucky^^^
^^^Silver Pigeon Necklace by BallandChain^^^
^^^Pigeon Socks by AlbertosFamily^^^

peace out

disclaimer: I am not some crazy pigeon lady. I promise. 

Do you have an under rated animal you'd like to champion? Let me know in the comments :)

Shoegazer's Friday Finds

A bit of a wish list as I wouldn't say no to any of these items. Swoon with me...
Above: Flamingo dress from Mika Organic
Above: Berry Picker sundress from Anthropologie. Love it so much!
Above: I need this military/utility style throw on cardigan from Anthropologie in my life. Fact.

Above: Jeeves and Wooster light shades from Graham & Green
Above: Ceramic animal heads also from Graham & Green
Above: My dream bathroom - flamingo wallpaper and pink vintage tub.

Above: My new favourite lip product from two of my favourite brands, Mac & Liberty of London. Not only is the colour of Frankly Fresh bang on trend by being a soft apricot colour, but the packaging is so sweet! The tube features a little bird with flowers, designed by Liberty of London and the box it comes in is definately a keeper (see more of the range and packaging here)

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Shoegazer Finds: I collect shopping lists

When I stumbled upon this blog I had one of those "This is such a great idea... I wish I'd thought of it!" moments (they happen quite regularly I must say) ... so let me introduce you to I Collect Shopping Lists, the ingenious blog of Brighton-based illustrator Debbie Hill, who has turned finding discarded shopping lists into an art form... 

Cat Ham? Lol. I love the interpretation of someone's own little shopping list code. 

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Shoegazer Finds: Russian Dolls

Some photos from a couple of Russian-based photographers...
^^^ Pony Tail ^^^

^^^ Tabakova ^^^
(also: blog)
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