Friday, 26 November 2010

Shoegazer's Gift Guide: Christmas 2010

Hello Shoegazers! Have I got an epic post for you today or what? (I'll give you a clue, the answer ISN'T "or what"). I've been trawling the Internet day-in-day-out to bring you this extensive Gift Guide in the hope of helping you find the perfect present for friends / family / your boyfriend / that weirdo you know... See what you think and, as ever, feedback is always greatly appreciated! Right, let's get stuck in to the goods:

For the: animal lover . . .
Above: How could anyone resist these cute and quirky knitted hats for cats. From bear ears to party hats to devil horns, treat the moggy you know to a stylin' new bit of headwear this Christmas - they will appreciate the warmth no end when they're out catching meeces on those snowy winter nights. Meow!
For the: friend with quirky taste . . .
Above: "All I want for christmas is..... a knitted dissected frog." If you can imagine someone you know musing in such a fashion, then BINGO! Here you go... one knitted dissected frog served up on a platter.

Above: Oh yes... Hi-5 mittens. What more could ANYONE want EVER? From Kate Spade.

For the: fan of headwear . . . 
Above: Perfect for the friend or sister who loves to adorn her head with gorgeous hats and faschinators whatever the occasion, these beautiful creations are from Zara Carpenter.

For the: boyfriend or brother . . .
Above: Who doesn't like a drop or two of booze during party season?! Spoil your man with this silver hip flask... whilst reminding him just what he's doing to himself. Bwahahaaaa. From ShotWell.

Above: I love this men's travel jewellery case from Heals. Your man can store his cuff links, watch and all sorts in this handy leather box...  MADE OF WIN!

Above: This sky-scraper scarf from Donna Wilson is perfect for the city-boy with a quirky sense of style.

Above: Entice your boyfriend into doing the drying up by treating him (and yes a well-designed tea towel can be a treat as a present!) to this mischivious item. Just make sure you run a mile if you see him spinning the cloth, otherwise.... OWCH!

For the: home-maker
Above: Setting the table for breakfast would be much more satisfying if you knew you would be eating your eggs from such a cute little set from LAMA
Above: I love Jonathan Adler's ceramics so much and WILL own a piece one day... if you know a ceramic-nut, why not light their pipe with this jaunty match-holder.
Above: You've heard of a tea-cozy? Well this adorable little teapot comes with a cute spin on the tea-cozy format... it's very own little hat!!!
Above: It's a stag head... it's cable knit... it's A-flippin-MAZING. By the brilliant Rachael Denny. 
Above: Calm-a-llama-down... by sitting on it. Who wouldn't want to find this llama cushion nestled under there tree??
Above: Snap up a print such as this "Wedged in Fashion" one from Little Doodles whose little birds are currently appearing in Vogue the world over!

For the: fashionista book worm
Above: Discover the inspiration behind some of Anna Sui's prints, dresses and designs in this hard back book.... mmmm, books.
Above: Luella Bartley spills the beans on how English girls are so damn chic in this lovely book... (mm-hmm, that's right, us English girls have got it goin' oooonnnnn). A perfect coffee table book perhaps? Yum.
Above: Fans of the wonderful Fifi Lapin will already be desperate to get their paws on this gorgeous book. If you aren't familiar with the blog, be sure to check it out. The book would make a great gift for a fashion-fan as Fifi models all the latest trends to perfection!

For the: magpie!
Above: Bambi & Snowflake’s affordable harness necklace (as featured in Grazia magazine and also available in plain gold, silver and gunmetal) will set off the simplest Christmas party outfit and tell everyone how fashion-forward you really are... treat yourself or perhaps a friend or sister this festive season. Go on. You know you want to...
Above: KNOCK KNOCK! It's a ring... with a working knocker! Woooow. By Pat Kim.
Above: Earrings and brooches made completely from paper (except the fixtures) by Essimer. Devine!
 Above: Know someone green-fingered? No? Well you will if you buy this garden ring from Woodland Belle. Sorted. Perhaps to repay you for your generocity the reciever could swear an oath to do all your weeding for a year? BONUS!
Above: A teeny-tiny butterfly sitting on a mini-mushroom and hanging round the wearer's neck for all to admire. Scoop one up from Woodland Belle.

Ps. Many thanks to all the online shops, etsy sites, blogs and websites that have produced or written about these lovely things. Merry Christmas! x

Friday, 19 November 2010

Festive Friday Finds

I'm sure we are all well aware that Christmas is drawing ever closer. Lights are starting to go up on the front of houses, decorated trees are starting to appear in windows and Coca Cola's legendary festive advert has rolled onto our screens and reminded us that "Holidays Are Coming"... So why fight it? Let's embrace festiveness and get our Christmas shopping done while there's still time! With all that in mind, here are some Festive Friday Finds for you all. Enjoy!

Above: A handmade, cross stiched bauble from PaperTigerNStitches
Above: A beautiful felt Chickadee tree ornament from LowellandSon
Above: Not something you see on every tree - colourful fish! Hook some at Pedlars.
Above and Below: I adore these glittery little christmas houses from HopeMahonGallery
Above: Grab yourself a bag of assorted wooden snowflake decorations from here.
Above: If vintage is your thing, then you might like this garland from JanieDMattern
Above: An inventive use for little embroidery hoops - make them into a garland! Get this one from AFabulousFete

I hope you enjoyed that little collection. More Festive Finds will be coming this way very soon!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

DIY: Christmas Tissue Pom Poms

A festive tutorial for you all now! These tissue-paper pom poms would make great decorations for any party or event you're throwing - or even just a nice adornment to a room in your house. But what better time of year to get decoration-happy than in the run up to Christmas? This DIY tutorial is from the website and was found on the lovely Happy Home blog. Let's get started...
You'll need:
Tissue paper / Thin string or cotton / Thicker string for stringing together / Large needle / Scissors
Pics from top left: 1. Equipment needed 2. Layer sheets of tissue paper and fold 3. Tie the middle with string 4. Round the edges with scissors 5. Fluff out each side of the pom pom 6. A finished pom pom

Step One
Layer six sheets of tissue paper and cut to around 15cm by 20cm. Starting with the short side, fold the full length of the pile into a concertina fold (so it's like a paper fan).
Step Two
Tie the middle with a short piece of string.
Step Three
Round the edges with a pair of scissors.
Step Four
Fan open one side and gently pull apart each individual sheet of tissue paper until they're evenly spaced. Be very careful here as they do tear easily and can be quite tricky to separate.
Step Five
Repeat on the other side and fluff out until the pom pom looks even and round. Thread together with the needle and thick string - leaving your desired length in-between - and wrap around the tree.
Enjoy xx

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Shoegazer Finds: FACE OFF

Face-based jewellery and magnets are the subject of this post as I’ve recently come across some quirky and unusual pieces. Take a peak and see what you think!
Above: Felt brooches from Box of Birds
Above: Henri brooch from SweetBestiary
Above: Hollandsworth magnets from Jordan Grace Jones
Above: Face rings from Zime

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Shoegazer loves: ELINtm

ELINtm is the work of Elin Thomas, a full-time artist and jewellery maker from Bristol, UK. Elin's beautiful work is often inspired by nature - from the looks of it mainly mould, algee and lichen - things people often consider horrible or associate with decay are turned into clever, delicate, intricate and ultimately beautiful pieces of jewellery, art and fashion.
Take a look at some of Elin's work and see for yourself:
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