Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Two for Devine joy!

Oh Tatty Devine - why do you do this to me?! To say I'm tempted by these is an understatement... if only I had a birthday coming up!!! I may cave in and buy the earrings or necklace as they are more affordable...
Pair of Magpie brooches - £61

Magpie earrings - £24

Magpie necklace - £48

EDIT: I bought the earrings... they arrived yesterday (26.3.09) and are lovely! A bit thicker than I had thought they would be but definately good as statement jewellery.


Miss Wayward said...

Omg they are pricey but beyond beautiful...tough call!

Becca. said...

I love about 90% of the new season Tatty stuff. I cant remember if I commented and said this before but this year I am getting twin magpie tattoos (for joy-lets hope!) the waiting list for my artist is so long at the moment that I have to wait till the summer, so I bought the brooches to keep me going!

shoegazer said...

You bought the brooches?! Argh I am sooo tempted by them... it's just thier price that's putting me off! I think you did mention your tattoo before - it sounds like it's going to be beautiful! :D Make sure you post pics of it when you get it! x

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