Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Shoegazer Visits: Copenhagen

Last week I went to Copenhagen and was lucky enough to explore backstage at the Royal Danish Theatre and get some photos of the Danish Royal Ballet in rehearsal. I also spent a day walking around the city visiting various landmarks such as the beautifully gothic Rosenborg Castle, the harbour, the four palaces and Tivoli Gardens which were absolutely stunning as they were all done up for the Christmas season - there were little Christmas huts selling traditional Danish decorations and gifts, there was a spectacular light and music show on the lake and literally everything was dripping with fairy lights. Hope you enjoy the pictures! Part Two will include the images of Tivoli Gardens.
At the Royal Danish Theatre:

Around the city:

Rosenborg Castle:

 This statue looked as though it could come alive at any moment! I was scared to blink!
Up next: Part Two - Tivoli Gardens.

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