Friday, 7 May 2010

Shoegazer Loves: PIGEONS!

Do you know what's underrated? Pigeons! Flying rodents they are not. They are birds through and through. They can't help it that there are a lot of them (well, they could help it if there were sex-ed classes for birds). They can't help it that the city-dwelling ones get grubby... if anything that's our fault for polluting. They can't even help it that occasionally they need to poo... from a great height... into your hair/sandwich/best dress. Shit happens (see what I did there??). So lay off them!
I hate it when I see one limping around on a stumpy, broken foot, and when I see a kid running screaming at a poor pigeon I feel like giving the brat a taste of his or her own medicine and running screaming at them... with an axe. (Ok, maybe not with an axe.)

Fellow pigeon lover Debbie Hill (who I blogged about here) maintains the lovely Pigeons Aren't Perfect (see image below)... which instantly melted my heart because, as you now know, I have long championed the cause of the pigeons.
Last summer a pigeon-baby was born on my window sill and I watched it grow from egg to fledgeling bird (man, they look freaky as babies). Anyway, that prompted me to make a pigeon plushie . . . Now, this pigeon certainly isn't perfect, but it took an age to make and was a great learning experience at the time as I was new to 3D plushies. See whut choo fink ...

I also recently came across a pigeon-related doodle I did a couple of years ago. Meet Pigeon Winehouse... she's a dirty bird:
Well, they were are my offerings to the plight of the pigoen in creative culture. Here are some other pigeony-picks in an attempt to convert you to the cause . . .

^^^ Pigeons by Zoe Austin^^^
^^^Hey Pigeon, I Like You - print by Jackie Lehmann^^^
^^^Urban Birdwatching - dish by MayLuk^^^
^^^What a Poop - Pigeon Poo Mug by HelloLucky^^^
^^^Silver Pigeon Necklace by BallandChain^^^
^^^Pigeon Socks by AlbertosFamily^^^

peace out

disclaimer: I am not some crazy pigeon lady. I promise. 

Do you have an under rated animal you'd like to champion? Let me know in the comments :)


Anonymous said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical.........................................

d e b b i e said...

what a nice post about pigeons!!!

pigeonsaspets said...

Wonderful! So nice to see another pigeon lover. I love the "dove socks" you found. :) Rev from Pigeons as Pets

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