Thursday, 18 November 2010

DIY: Christmas Tissue Pom Poms

A festive tutorial for you all now! These tissue-paper pom poms would make great decorations for any party or event you're throwing - or even just a nice adornment to a room in your house. But what better time of year to get decoration-happy than in the run up to Christmas? This DIY tutorial is from the website and was found on the lovely Happy Home blog. Let's get started...
You'll need:
Tissue paper / Thin string or cotton / Thicker string for stringing together / Large needle / Scissors
Pics from top left: 1. Equipment needed 2. Layer sheets of tissue paper and fold 3. Tie the middle with string 4. Round the edges with scissors 5. Fluff out each side of the pom pom 6. A finished pom pom

Step One
Layer six sheets of tissue paper and cut to around 15cm by 20cm. Starting with the short side, fold the full length of the pile into a concertina fold (so it's like a paper fan).
Step Two
Tie the middle with a short piece of string.
Step Three
Round the edges with a pair of scissors.
Step Four
Fan open one side and gently pull apart each individual sheet of tissue paper until they're evenly spaced. Be very careful here as they do tear easily and can be quite tricky to separate.
Step Five
Repeat on the other side and fluff out until the pom pom looks even and round. Thread together with the needle and thick string - leaving your desired length in-between - and wrap around the tree.
Enjoy xx

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