Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Japan Fashion Week

I was inspired by my friend Ele's blog to check out some of the images from this week's "Japan Fashion Week" in Tokyo. There seem to be a lot of 80s style power jackets going on... but here are some outfits that caught my eye...

First is Kamishima Chinami's collection - I love the textures, colours, fabrics and subtle embelishments...Then there's Ritsuko Shirahama's simple red dress with a splash of colour . . .
And here are a couple that make me go "wha-wazz-zat?!" lol.
Not keen on the hair/make-up for these by Hiroko Ito for Hisui... and I'm not keen on the clothes either tbh. . .

After the fury Topshop's "Love My Bones" tshirt caused, I can't see that a dress with bones actually attached to it would go down very well anywhere except a Halloween party.
More to follow!

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