Thursday, 25 June 2009

Roll up, roll up...

In the absence of me making anything recently (I've had a creative drought - these things happen!), I have been scouring the web every day in search of treats for the blog and yesterday the web turned up a slice of gold. This absolutely beautiful photography by Josh Goleman focusses on the wedding of "Adam and Halli". The event is picture perfect in every way. The dress, the colours, the barn dripping with fairy lights, the bunnies on top of the wedding cake, the carnival-style kissing booth and signs... not to mention that the pair look so happy and in love! I have no idea who these people are but their wedding has made me go weak at the knees!

Josh Goleman's full photo gallery.
Adam and Halli's wedding site.

NB: Anyone else find the way blogspot messes up your spacing when you upload images incredibly annoying?!


filthypawsandsilkydrawers said...

Oooh I saw this on Cup of Jo, it's so gorgeous isn't it, I LOVE the idea of having such a fun and non 'traditional' wedding, if I ever get married I hope to have a magical day like theirs!

ShyShoegazer said...

Ooh, I'll have to check out that Cup of Jo blog :) Yes I hope if I ever get married it's a day as special as this one!

Miss Wayward said...

I'm in love with the whole set, thank you so much for sharing!

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