Tuesday, 30 June 2009

What's a girl to do?

Someone who constantly gets it right is Natasha Khan. I didn't get to Glastonbury this year, but just from watching the videos and looking at the images in the BBC gallery it seems she put on her usual brilliant show. And (sorry for such a girly outburst but...) omg I looooove her make up!

Natasha is someone who always seems to try new things with make up, such as with her look at the Brit Awards 2008 when she had a rainbow of colour bursting from her eye and dripping down her neck . . .

Love it. And it doesn't seem at all contrived, none of it, not the music, the fashion, the make up, the artwork... unlike some *cough*Lady Gaga*cough* current artists. Now I'm off to play with some Barry M . . .

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