Friday, 2 October 2009

Shegazer finds: Sacred Cake

Time for some Etsy finds and first up is Sacred Cake who's motto is "seek the sacred in the ordinary". Sacred Cake is the creative outlet of Jennifer Valentine who says on her Etsy site:
"The forlorn, the abandoned and discarded objects of life are the things in which I find the most beauty. In the things some people consider no longer of need, I see loveliness and potential. Imperfection inspires me. People inspire me. There is infinite potential in all of us and my intention is to convey that in my work."
I love the reinvention of old, found objects and the obvious love Jennifer has for forgotten objects others might overlook. Visit Jennifer's blog for more of the same. These inspire me for future memory frames.

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Jennifer Valentine said...

I had no idea that you featured my work on your blog until I did a google search for sacred cake in blogs! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!
Alot has changed since then...i have a new website I am working on and my blog has taken on some changes as well.
Come see?

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