Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Shoegazer Creative: Memory frames

Back in June I made these framed images as gifts for my mum's birthday after coming across some old family photographs. Originally I was going to decorate a few pages in the "Altered Journal" by Jessie Chorley that I'd bought her, but in the end I couldn't bare to glue anything in it in case it went wrong and ruined that present... So I left the altered journal as it was and decided to instead make two framed images as gifts in a similar vein to the journal.

The first you can see here features pictures of my mum as a little girl on holiday with my grandparents, having a donkey ride and playing on the beach. I love these photos of her on a proper, old-fashioned British seaside holiday.
The second image is of my parents, me (the baby!) and my brother. It's not the best family photo of us, but I liked the muted colours in it and just the fact that it's probably one of the first snaps of the four of us - and it must bring back happy memories to my mum. (Also the backdrop colour tied in with my idea to emroider some cherry blossom branches. Perfect!) The little bee charm ties in with our family name.

I know they aren't the best collages or images in the world and maybe it's a bit "twee", but it's the sort of thing I knew my mum would like and appreciate - and she did, when she opened them she cried.

Materials used:

Handmade paper
Vintage sequins
Pearly-disc sequins
Embroidery thread
Re-prints of old family photos
Silver bee charm
Paper butterflies
Hi-Tack glue
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