Friday, 16 April 2010

Shoegazer's Friday Finds

Above: This is such a good idea for a DIY project - perk up flowery old plates, tea pots and sugar bowls with some brightly coloured ceramic paint! Or, if you want that professional touch, you can buy some super sweet pieces from Ninainvorm.

Above: Are you a girl? Do you love your jewellery? (of course you do!) Do you also love pretty tea cups and saucers?? Well why not combine your loves and use mismatched tea sets as draw organisers! How decadent! I've had this image sitting in my "to blog" folder for so long that I've forgotten where it's from. Whoops! (please let me know if it's yours)

Above: Old cufflinks have been given new life as unusual, quirkily stylish rings by Early Jewelry.
Above: This colourful leather and gold 'chest armour' from ChrisRann (jewellery by Rannie Balias) would look great over a simple tee.
Above: Darling it's better down where it's wetter, take it from me ... so why not stick a sea urchin on your finger and swear your alligance to the sea? Pay Turkish etsy user Star of the East a visit for more delicious sea treasures.

Above: Sandra Suy creates fashion illustration like this one. Pick up a print from Etsy or view her portfolio on her website.
Above: Skin-art now... how about getting a dot to dot tattoo! Such a cute idea! (Pic: bluebird vintage)

This week's new music pick is Teen Inc, a duo from LA producing music heavilly influenced by 80s music and described as sounding like "Tears For Fears doing whisper karaoke with Was (Not Was)". You can hear two tracks for free on the band's website or purchase the single Fountains from iTunes.

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