Friday, 11 June 2010

Shoegazer Visits: An Aquarium

Some shots I took on a recent trip to an aquarium...
The rest might not be great photos but I like them for various reasons:
Above: I call this the Ooh Fish... because it just popped into shot with an expresion like "Ooh, what are you doing?"
Above: This Long Spined Sea Urchin thing reminded me of Soot Bunnies from My Neighbour Totoro! WIN! I love how you can see it's little eyes.
Above: Nemo and his Dad! Aw. Cute.


Kat said...

Ahh my boyfriend would be sooo jealous of you! He has a love affair with fishies. Love the 'o' fish- brilliant!


Miss Wayward said...

Awww soot gremlin!

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