Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Joanna Rutter

I've been looking at Joanna Rutter's work for a while now on Etsy as her wonderful silver jewellery kept coming up when I searched for bird and fox-based jewellery.... so I figured it was about time I bought something by her to add to my collection! I'd love to buy the fox pin but unfortunatley it seems to be sold out at the moment so I have bought this sweet little chick necklace (from here) and can't wait for it to arrive!
Also, how can you not fall in love with Joanna's earring display cards? (See images below) I'm going to have to keep re-visiting her shop non-stop until the earrings and fox pin are back in stock... (sorry bank balance, I love you really)

EDIT: My little bird necklace arrived yesterday - it's so nice and was packaged really thoughtfully. I love it and am wearing it as I type along with a little silver bee necklace I found in a shop in London (Mum told me to be careful incase the bird and the bee get busy and I end up with a load of them round my neck.... Oo-kaaay... lol)

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Anonymous said...

These are so simple but gorgeous! I love the squirrels!

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