Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Window shopping birds

Anthropologie have some unique bird ornaments on their site right now. Made from wood, bits of rulers, clock parts, compases, brass, arrows, keys and key holes, the birds each have quite a distinct character and are called Gladiator Birds. Unfortunately they are a bit pricey (especially with Anthropologie's ridiculously expensive extra charges added on!) Anyway, they are nice to look at!

Bird 1 - Gladiator Bird - Finch with Key

£222.99 + £34.12 (Duty/VAT) + £23.43 (Shipping) = £280.54

Bird 2 - Gladiator Bird - Raven

£484.89 + £73.41 (Duty/VAT) + £23.43 (Shipping) = £587.73
Bird 3 - Wren


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful! But save your pennies, I hear they're opening a shop on Regents St ;)

Miss Wayward said...

These are gorgeous! It gives me ideas :D Really must get to the car boot sale and collect old bits of junk.

shoegazer said...

Yeah I heard a rumour about a London store! That's exciting!

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