Monday, 9 March 2009

Poor Little Rich Girl

Over the past week or so I’ve discovered quite a lot about the brief life of Edie Sedgwick – I don’t know why this whole bubble of time has captivated my imagination and attention recently, I'm not even sure of my opinion of her or Warhol's Factory... but since it has grabbed me in some way I thought I should include it in my blog – seen as how this is meant to be about things which inspire me.

I'm not sure how to form sentences about this character so here are some words for you: Fashion icon, underground film star, muse, Andy Warhol, "superstar", drug addict, party girl, born to die young, big eyes, double set of lashes, honest, vulnerable, damaged, socialite, spent money as if it was water, model, artist, “poor little rich girl”, overdose, Ciao Manhattan, Beauty #2, horses, leotards, chandelier earrings, Factory Girl, 28, Fuzzy, amphetamines, Chelsea Hotel fire, Bob Dylan …

All this might inspire me to get back to writing short stories. Who knows.

Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol

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