Monday, 6 July 2009

Florence & the Machine - Lungs

I love Lungs! Not the bodily organs... although I suppose I love them too since without them I’d be having a little trouble breathing right now. But more specifically, I love the album Lungs by Florence and the Machine (out today) which I managed to get my early-bird hands on over the weekend.
Having seen her live in Brighton a month ago, I was expecting some of the non-single songs to be slightly familiar, but as I listened through the album, everything from the gig came flooding back – the power, the passion and the drama... even the lyrics. It was if I'd known these songs for years. It’s truly an album that will sweep you away with the rabbit-raising, coffin-building, eye-cutting-out fairies if you let it. I find this refreshing in a musical landscape currently so overcrowded with bland electro-pop-mIndie. La Roux? La Poo. LittleBoots? GoldfrappBoots (srsly, did anyone see her on Jonathan Ross?!). Lady Gaga? Don’t even get me started.

Top tracks for my money, aside from the singles Kiss with a Fist; Dog Days Are Over; and Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up), are Girl with One Eye (perfect, dark and dangerous song for a girl who’s been crossed by another), Cosmic Love, Howl and My Boy Builds Coffins.... and I’m Not Calling You a Liar... and...oh, and all of them! Definitely worth having a listen to when you get time.
I can’t wait to see Florence live again in a couple of weeks at Lovebox. Check out Shoegazer Fashion where Poppy talks about Florence’s Topshop-designed Glastonbury outfits.

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