Friday, 31 July 2009

Oh My Cavelier

Sometimes you find a style that instantly strikes a chord with you. Well, Oh My Cavelier did just that when I came across it on Etsy. The artist behind Oh My Cavelier is Julianna Swaney who lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Julianna lists victorian dresses, furry animals and beehives amongst her favourite things and often brings these elements into her art.
The foxes, bears, bees and wolves are quite simply perfect! I love their limbs - I know that sounds odd - but what I mean is I love the way Julianna represents a fox/wolf/bear leg as it might actually look - rather than in the childish way they are so often depicted.
My absolute favourite image is of a suspicious looking bear cluthing a beehive (first image below). These images look like they've jumped right from the pages of the sort of children's book you cherish in your memory as you grow up. I'm so excited to have purchased a couple of items from the Etsy shop - a bee brooch and a little rabbit card that will most probably end up framed and hung with my other arty buys.

If you would like to see more of Julianna's work, follow the links below:
Oh My Cavelier - Julianna's art blog
Rare Bird - Julianna's personal blog

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