Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Shoegazer home: Prints

As I'm sure I have mentioned, I am hoping to move out with my boyfriend sometime soon and am currently in the process of collecting nice things for our first home together. An on going project has been collecting art prints and postcards to get framed and hang in a cluster. So far I have prints by Fifi Lapin, Little Doodles, Apak Studios, The Claudettes and Belle and Boo, as well as some vintage prints and book plates I have picked up on my travels. My most recently purcharse comes from the hand of Julia Pott (whose work can currently be seen on E4's Skins adverts). I couldn't resist these two bear-based prints. The first one is entitled.... "This is my boyfriend" (perfect title for it!) and the second is "Hello I love you."

Julia Pott - blog / etsy

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