Monday, 25 January 2010

Shoegazer loves: Bags + Birds = BAG LUST!

Oh my. I am in love with a bag again. And again, it's too expensive to own! Woe is me! But... but it's so perfect! It's the exact shade of leather bag I've been after AND it has the most adorable little birds acting as clasps. Oh Marc Jacobs... who knew you'd become my favourite bag pusher??
More affordable is the smaller grey version (£175 on Net A Porter). I can't really justify spending that much on a bag (where's a birthday when you need one??) so I found another way to satisfy my leather+bird cravings (see below). But first, let's all drool over this brilliantly birdy bag.

Rather than spend all the money I should be saving on a bag, I got this lovely belt by NW3 for Hobbs (via ASOS) instead. It has much the same vibe as the Marc by Marc Jacobs bags but is much much more affordable and I'll be able to add a touch of bird-love to many outfits....


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