Thursday, 23 September 2010

MAC Collection: Venomous Vilians

Time for another MAC collection and collaboration, this time with Disney. In stores around Halloween time in the UK (and right now in the US I believe), the Venomous Vilians collection celebrates some of the most notorious and iconic baddies from Disney films. Vilians who now can boast their own make up range include Sleeping Beauty's arch nemisis Maleficent, the stylin' Evil Queen from Snow White, Cruella De Vil and the most recent vilian, Dr Facilier (some dude from The Princess and the Frog).
Now, whilst all these are fabulous vilians (I can't comment on Dr Facilier as I haven't seen the film yet), my first hope when I heard of the collection was that there would be an Ursula range! For some reason she is my favourite Disney vilian and although she's not such a looker as, say, the Evil Queen, the scene where she pops open a little fish thing and uses it as a lipstick always bounces round my head whenever I apply a femme fatal shade of red. MAC, you missed a trick!
(I mean, come on - look at her bitchin' 80s make up!)
Anyway, I look forward to the collection hitting the shops and will be sure to pop by a MAC store for a peek at the products and their ~wicked~ packaging.

PS. Kudos to MAC for embracing Halloween! So few UK companies bother...
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