Friday, 10 December 2010

Friday Finds: 10.12.10

 It's finally Friday again! Yipiee! I hope you enjoy the latest batch of Friday Finds, sourced from some of the finest websites, etsy shops and blogs. Enjoy :)

.:*Art / Illustration *:.
Above: Bee Merry print by Kate Hindley. Check out her online portfolio for some more adorable, quirky characters.
Above: "Walking Together" by Heidi Burton (the first of several lovely items from Heidi in this batch... I love her illustrative style!)
Above: See, I told you there was more to come from Heidi Burton... another item I couldn't resist sharing is this customised Moleskinne Journal which Heidi has turned into a Baby Journal. Such a nice idea! 

.:* Jewellery *:.
Above & Below: Jewellery created using broken china.. ingenius and beautiful! From Dishfunctional Designs.  
Above: These glass cluster rings that look like ice glistening on your hands are from Urban Revisions 
Above & Below: "Gold chain crocheted in a web pattern and burnt to create a tarnished, antique finish." Me like. From Catbird. 
Above: Black diamond earrings also from Catbird. Yes please.

.:* Homeware *:.
Above: Log bowls from Loyal Loot.
Above: This Brown Bear lunch plate would look great on your dinner table or hung on  your wall. 
Above: Another item from Heidi Burton now in the form of this happy little egg cup which comes with a cosy hat!

.:* Misc *:.
Above: Real baby owl in a hat! :D
That is all... x

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thegreenpixie said...

the broken china pieces are lovely.

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