Monday, 13 December 2010

Shoegazer Fashion: Abstract prints

This season I am in love with abstract / smudge print garments. I can't put my finger on why exactly, but all I know is I can't get enough! Here are some images from various "look books" to illustrate my current fashion fad :)
Above: This outfit is from the Ermie look book and I just love the pairing of the bold, smudge-print skirt with the muted, delicate print grey top.  
Above: These two outfits from the Wilfred look book are beautiful. The outfit on the right is definately a look I would wear for everyday activities. The smudge-print skirt features large, draped pockets at either side, making it practical and teaming it with a chunky knit cardi and opaque tights makes it perfect for this cold weather. WANT.
Above: This abstract print top is from the wonderful Anthropologie and is a garment I actually own :D The deliciously soft, cowl-neck top features twists of fabric (embellished with little bronze beads) that add unusual lines to the garment. The print reminds me somewhat of Alexander McQueen's famous animal/reptile print collection (see here for what I mean). Anyway, I love it.
Above & Below: These outfits are from a Something Else / Natalie Wood look book. I adored the whole look book but these two outfits to me look very wearable and really opitomise the style direction I wanted to go in this Winter.

What is your fashion-fad this season? Are you into abstract prints too? Or perhaps the camel trend? Or has something else caught your eye?... Please share :) x


Jennifer said...

Thank-you so much for posting about my designs! I'm honored to be included on your list.
What I'm eyeing-
Lina Rennell's and Mociun's prints, and Rowena Sartin pieces.

ShyShoegazer said...

Thanks for your comment Jennifer, I will have to check out your recommendations! I really do love your blog and collections :D x

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