Thursday, 9 December 2010

A great way to display...

As you may be able ot tell from this blog, I do a LOT of etsy browsing and have to say it's really refreshing to come across a shop with great product display. One shop with a cute twist on product display is MemiTheRainbow. I particularly love the way she displays her fabric-covered buttons and can just imagine these sweet little product display cards nestled on a shelf in a little highstreet boutique. 
For another cute piece of product display, these Sardine/Herring felt brooches are pictured snug in a sardine tin, and jumping from the tin onto a jacket lapel.... ingenius!
If you know of any other etsy shops with great product display please share in the comments!
(Ps. I am having trouble replying to comments at the moment as the word varification letters don't load! But I will reply as soon as this is sorted. Comments are always appreciated.)

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