Saturday, 1 August 2009

The Old Curiosity Shop

Today I went to Lewes - the picturesque county town of East Sussex well known for it's range of antique shops. I'm not a big antique fan by any stretch, but many of the "antique" shops in Lewes are much more like "curiosity shops". They seem to go on forever, in all the nooks and crannies of these winding old shops that go up and up and up again and then deep down in the cellar where every surface is drowning in peculiar little things. Needless to say, I spent hours in these places!
I'm not sure is photography was allowed, but I tried to get some sneaky snaps for this blog . . .

Above: Part of Lewes Highstreet - You can just see the Lewes Antique Centre on the left.Above: Camp Pink Panther lamp anyone? Above: Is that a boar in a fez?Above: Yes. Yes, it's a boar in a fez. I'll have one to go please. Above: I absolutely loved this bashed up old bird cage!Above: The brilliant flea market! Next post: Today's haul!

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