Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Shoegazer finds: Embroidery

I'm currently itching to get my hands on some mini embroidery hoops to get started on a project I have an idea for. Until I have them I've been looking around to see how other people are putting embroidery / embroidery hoops to good use. Here are some of my favourite finds so far:
Above: I love love love the embroidered necklaces from SpinThread, particularly this one.
Above: A nice example of how embroidery can work in a mixed media piece of work. This is an old envelope from 1927 with collage and embroidery breathing new life to it. The simple, subtle embroidered flowers are perfect! Check out Hens Teeth on Flickr for more.
Above: This embroidered colour wheel by Wardi must have taken hours! It would look great left in the frame and hung as wall art. Be sure to take a look at Wardi's photostream for more embroidery-based treats!
Above: ...Speaking of embroidery hoop wall art, I have loved this piece by Hare and Drum since I first saw it early last year. Check out the etsy shop for other bits of hoop art featuring jelly fish, birds, flowers and more.
Above: If you're falling in love with hoop-based art then you really need to take a look at Mary's Granddaughter on Etsy. Many of the pieces feature tiny antique doll arms which make them really stand out as unusal.
Above: Here Claire Platt (who also knits some fabulous aeroplanes!) deconstructs the different processes and timings of one of her pieces of embroidery. Very interesting.
Above: Last but not least, if embroidery still makes you think of old ladies sitting round gossiping whilst they sew.... the work of Davis Jacque will surely change your perspective. This modern, bright embroidery freestyle gives the artform a completely contemporary edge. Check out flickr for more.


Miss Wayward said...

Cuuuute finds! That colour wheel has blown my mind.

claire platt said...

thanks for the mention...
Love those pieces by hare and drum and the embroidered envelope! awesome!

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