Thursday, 18 February 2010

Shoegazer finds: Year of the Tiger

The Chinese New Year has bought with it the year of the Tiger so to celebrate, here are some tiger-based finds to get your teeth into. Fact: Apparently the Tiger wards off the three biggest household threats - fire, theft and ghosts... so you can sleep safe for a year without the threat of fire breathing burglar ghosts. WIN! Enjoy... 
Above: This vibrant, clean cut Tiger print comes from DutchFloor and would look great in amongst a cluster of framed prints.
Above: Baxter the Tiger comes from the wonderful Etsy shop NoneSuchGarden. Puuurfect.
Above: It's the yeeeear...of the tigerrrr! (Who can resist a bit of Eye of the Tiger based word play this year?). This Tigerrrrrrrr print comes from KaizenCollective.  I love the block print over the patterned background.
Above: Possibly the cutest Tiger find of this crop, this little plushie Lucky Tiger comes from MeMeCraftWork.  
Above: Why not get some personalised Tiger book plates? Who knew Tigers were so resourceful with their tails?! These are from Oiseaux.
Above: This quirky Tiger loves nothing better than laying back and flying his kite. If you like kite Tigers, visit Erinaellis.
Above: Pick up this print of a very stately Tiger from Berkley Illustration. He's such a cad!
Above: Lastly, the smallest of today's finds... this Tiny Tiger comes from VioletPi. Meow :)

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