Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Shoegazer Fashion Finds: Unique AW10 / Animal headwear

Time for something a little less 'realistic'. Today's second AW10 Fashion pick is Unique, who styled their collection with some whimsical animal headwear... which got me thinking, if you did want to recreate this look, what's out there to help you? So here, along with images of the Unique collection, are some Shoegazer Finds that fit with the theme.
Above: Mister Tumnuss IS Narnia's Next Top Model.
So, here are the finds I came across. Crimp your hair, stick these on your head and you're well away....
Above: This Racoon mask is from Captain Cat.
Above: Leather fox mask from teonova
Above: A simple antler headband, secured with elastic. From faerywhere
And finally... the obvious option:
Above: Dig out your novelty christmas antlers. Sorted.  


itsastrangemagic said...

I love this blog! pluggin it.

itslikeart said...

I loooove this collection! I actually just illustrated a couple of looks cause i love it so much, I just put it on my blog :) http://itslikeartillustration.blogspot.com


ShyShoegazer said...

Thanks strangemagic! :D I'll add a link to your blog too.

itslikeart - I am off to check out your illustrations! Love this collection too! Nice to see something a bit different!

Stompface said...

yess love this collection so freakin much. absolute amazement.

animal headwear is the best kind!


Lucy Joy said...

haha mr tumnus is amazing. and i love the first mask! brill :) nice blog!

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