Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Shoegazer Visits: Lewes

Last Saturday morning I popped to the Old Curiosity Shops of Lewes and as ever, found some amazing, intriguing, weird and wonderful things in the higgledy-piggledy hideaways. Excuse the poor quality of these images, I was snapping away on my iPhone so as not to annoy everyone with a flash. 
Above: The attic of the flea market. Strange mannequin heads... bunting... fairy lights... what's not to love?
Above: Birdseye views of the antique shop situated in an old church.
Above: The poor things were draped over the biggest bird cage I've seen.
Above: Vintage Snow White silk (£90 for a metre!)
Above: Perm wig, garish jumper, floppy yellow gloves - I don't know who dressed this mannequin... but they toatlly deserve a job as a stylist, riiight?
Above: Vintage clothes, bags and ... lamps.
Above: One seller clearly loved the Bauhaus movement.
Above: The face of a massive, beautiful old grandfather clock.
Above: A dresser full of china.
Above: Beautifully embellished, hand stitched oriental fabric.
Above: I had to take this photo on the move as the bear is in a private office... but isn't he jaunty?! I like to pretend he owns the flea market and bumbles round at night and who knows, maybe even dances with the taxidermy bore? I hope so anyway.

 Coming next is a haul post showing some of the bits I bought :)
Where are your favourite places to go for vintage finds?


Miss Wayward said...

I can't wait to come down to Lewes with you one day! You already know where I get my vintage - car boots! x

itsastrangemagic.wordpress.com said...

my god... awesome

LewesFleamarket said...

Hello shoegazer , i just spotted your photo of Cooper the bear at our fleamarket so just to confirm , you are right he does own the market and yes he and all other taxidermy animals do come alive at night and have loads of fun ! Thank you for enjoying our place , David Flea

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