Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Shoegazer Visits: Angel, London

I'm a regular in Angel, London on a Saturday night but last weekend I ventured there in the afternoon to have a look at the antique stalls and unusual little shops. I picked up a bird brooch and a very cute antique His Master's Voice grammar phone needle tin to add to my various collections.
Now let's let the pictures do the talking . . .
If you like hunting out little oddities then it's well worth a visit when you next have a free Saturday, I much prefer these informal market stalls and jam-packed, quirky little shops to snobby, over-priced, off-putting "proper" antique shops. Just sayin'.
After visiting the Antique places, we went in a lovely shop called After Noah. From the front it looks like a children's toy shop, and infact half of the shop IS dedicated to traditional, unusual children's toys - but the other half is full of a mix of old and new finds - from furniture to tin robots and pretty stationary. Lovely! Here are some shots from the shop . . .
Up next: I will show you the little tin I got along with some more of my vintage tin collection.  

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Kat said...

Ahh I love the antiques in Angel, a friend of mine took me there after he moved near by. such cool pictures, I'll have to get back there and take my camera some time!


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