Thursday, 11 March 2010

Shoegazer Specials: Alice in Wonderland pt1

Ah Alice in Wonderland, the gift that keeps on giving. Earlier this week I went and saw Tim Burton's take on the Alice in Wonderland tale and wasn't disappointed. I'd expected an over-use of CGI to annoy me but instead I found it worked well. Some of my friends have said they weren't keen on this adaptation as it felt a little souless to them ~ but I must have been so wrapped up in Wonderland that that complaint completely didn't register with me. But blockbuster aside... Alice in Wonderland is a theme that a lot of people pick up on, be it for fashion trends, party decorations or creative inspiration. With that in mind, I decided to have a browse for some Alice related finds, fresh from Wonderland . . .
Above: Absolutely perfect if you're heading to an Alice in Wonderland themed party, these tights are from Post.
Above: This gorgeous, simple jewellery comes from Blu Grn Design.
Above: I love this pin topper set from GigiMinor.
Above: Visit Untamed Menagerie to pick up this necklace and a Curiouser & Curiouser version. Perfect!
Above: Decorate your own Wonderland with this playing-card bunting from The Missing Thread.
Above: This Alice themed facsinator comes from The French Mouse and, slid into your hair, would instantly give you that Wonderland feel.
Above: Pick up this "portrait of a hare" from MiddleBurg, before it's too late! Tick tock! 
Above: Add some artefacts from Wonderland to your wall art. This comes from Geek Details.
Above: Keep the white rabbit close at all times with this subtle necklace from Hihlo Studios.

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itslikeart said...

oooh amazing finds! I want that 'we're all mad here' necklace!

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