Friday, 19 March 2010

Shoegazer's Friday Finds

No theme today, just some nice things I've come across and thought I'd share.
Above: Photography / Knitted stone covers etc from Knitalatte
Above: Gorgeous photography and images from IS Photography
Above: Carry your book collection around your neck! Why not? These gorgeous, handmade leather-bound books come from The Black Spot Books
Above: Unique, handmade watches from Revolt 70. The faces have such character!
Above: Not that I'm getting married *cough*yet*cough* but this simple, elegant dress is so pretty I couldn't resist blogging it. From ThreadHead and made of eco friendly organic silk.
Above: This wooden wall art from Yellow Owl Workshop would look great on my planned wall-of-prints. ~(OvO)~ hoot hoot!

I hope you have a lovely weekend x

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