Friday, 29 October 2010

Friday Finds: 29.10.10

Quite a big post today to try and make up for the lack of posts this past week or so. I've had my head buried in archive boxes of old photographs from the magazine I work for as we prepare for our 25th anniversary issue. Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking at this week's finds and make sure you scroll right to the bottom for some more Halloween finds in celebration of Halloween Weekend!
 Above: Cute camera print from ALPhotography
  Above: "Back to roots" stacked rings from LunaticArts
  Above: Butterfly wing necklace from CarrieBilbo
  Above: Porcelain necklace from London-based MaaPstudio
  Above: Print by PaperMoth
  Above: Pebble earrings from Lila Ruby King
  Above: Wrap bracelet from Terminy
  Above: Porcelain flower necklace from WickedPen
  Above: Romantic vintage dress from Zwzzy
  Above: A very sweet bear gathering crystals in his paws - brooch from Ememem
  Above: I couldn't resist posting another...Panda gathering crystals, a very cute brooch again from Ememem
  Above: Leather MacBook case from FullGive
  Above: Lampwork ring - looks like a whole galaxy in a ring! From Evihan
  Above: "Apple of my eye" home decor from LaPomme
  Above: Go Pro-Disney with this mouse-ears ring from LunaticArts
  Above: Neo-victorian necklace from Fabel and Fury
  Above: Encrusted necklace from London-based AAliciaAccessories
  Above: "Faithful ring" from Macha Jewellery
 From one extreme to another... Now it's time for some more Freakish Friday Finds! Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then I'll begin . . .
  Above: "IT'S ALIVE!" Let Frankenstein's Monster update your plates
  Above: A disturbing Nosferatu art-doll from Sandra Arteaga
 Above: If you have a spare 30mins and fancy getting in the Halloween mood, take a listen to The League of Gentlemen's Ghost Chase on iPlayer. the Gents are reunited for the first time in years for a real life ghost hunt. Very funny and scary.

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