Thursday, 7 October 2010

Jewellery: Babette

Mmm, jewellery.... how I love you. A little etsy browsing earlier today lead me to Babette. Run by a Central St Martins trained fashion designer now living in the US, Babette sells really beautiful pieces often involving gem-coloured garnetts. These hoop earrings (below) definately caught my eye! I love the colour tones used... from purple to peacock!

A little more on the Zen hoop earrings:
"A gently hammered 14k gold fill hoop, in perfect harmony with delicate, faceted beads. Metal beads date back to WW2 era, probably french in origin- rare and very hard to find. Beads permanently positioned within hoop."
These garnett and adventure draped earrings (above) remind me of some very very old jewellery I saw in the British Museum recently - they have an air of being very equisite and old, yet are also very modern and wearable! I love them :)
Be sure to visit Babette on etsy and let me know if you treat yourself to anything!

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