Friday, 28 January 2011

Friday Finds: 28.1.11

Happy Friday everyone :D I hope you enjoy this week's Friday Finds. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment :)
Above: Whenever I see lots of bees I'm always reminded of the Eddie Izzard quote: "I'm covered in bees!" Find this bee print here.
Above: Gorgeous "drops of jupiter" hairclips from here.  
Above: Vintage frames printed on wide linen ribbon = so many crafting and DIY possibilities! From here.  
Above: A very sweet print, perfect for a new family. From here.
Above: Cupid's arrow pillowcase from here.  
Above: Foxes in love, ornaments from here. (Sweet, and thankfully they won't make the dreadful screaching noises real foxes make when they do-the-sex... anyone else getting freaked out/kept awake by that right now? Horrific!) 
Above: This reminded me of powdered paint we used to have at school. The stone is Lapislazuli and the ring is available from here.

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