Friday, 21 January 2011

Marc by Marc Jacobs - Saving the Birds!

Marc by Marc Jacobs has done it again. Yet another offering of products I'm finding it very hard to resist spending my life's savings on ... Must. Resist. Must. Resist. MUST RESIST!
Any regular readers will be aware of my soft spot for bird-related items, so all these lovely things from Marc by Marc Jacobs have got me weak at the knees (and purse strings... NO! PUT IT AWAY!)
Let's have a peak shall we . . .
Above: Jumbled Birds Tote = £160

Above: Tossed Birds Umbrella = £55. How cute is that handle?!

Above: Tossed Birds Scarf = £175
Above: Love Dove Necklace = £44.31 (Nordstrom)
Above: The bag I've been lusting over for a year now (see this post) is still calling to me *sigh*. Natasha Bag = £375.

Above: Petal to the Metal Wallet = £195

Above: Green Bird Necklace = £37.79 (Nordstrom)

Above: Miss Marc Jacobs Bird Earrings = £24.76 (Nordstrom)
Above: Donna Shopper in Snow Buntin = £120

So what do you think? Do these birds get your heart all a flutter? They certainly do mine, especially the bags and scarf. Resisting is no good, I might have to save up and treat myself to something . . .

(also blogged about by the very lovely Little Doodles)

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thegreenpixie said...

The umbrella is perfect.

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