Friday, 30 January 2009

Ducks and Camels and Bears! Oh my!

Weak title? Meh.. you can't win them all!
As promised, here are more of the amazing (and I mean that) brooches in the same style as the fox one featured a couple of posts back. Apparently these brooches and others by the same hand, can be bought from here although the site isn't currently working for me so I can't tell.
Lost In The Woods comes from the mind of Simon MacEwan who is based in Australia. Check out his Flickr for more of his handmade jewellery along with some of his photography.
I am in love with these brooches of animals with elements of their environments sort of growing out of them....


Anonymous said...

Topshop ripped off the first wolf design, they're so horrible doing it to smaller designers and claiming to be such a unique and fashion foward store, UGH. Rant over, I love this guys work, its such an incredible idea!

shoegazer said...

I didn't know Topshop had done that! Grrr! How unfair! It's like when they started selling felt brooches and charging about £10 for them... you can get much nicer ones from independant makers for less than that!

thegreenpixie said...

Love these designs!

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