Thursday, 29 January 2009


Pomme is a Brooklyn-based shop selling some really nice stuff. Unfortunately, I'm not in America and they don't ship internationally so I'll just have to window shop online (I can never afford shipping costs fromAmerica anyway, damn it)... but if I were to buy from Pomme, I'd by these things:

(from top: bird mobile; mushroom lights)


shopaholic224 said...

For those of you who would like any of these products from US-based websites, you can set up a US Address for $5 with
The international shipping is worth it sometimes for those must-have items, or goods that are simply unavailable in your country.

I really love some of the items you've listed with Pomme, and others. Great taste girl!

shoegazer said...

Hi, thanks for the information! I'll definately look in to it :)

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