Thursday, 15 January 2009

Two For Joy

Shoegazer Creative: This series of two canvases was made as a gift for my boyfriend to be put up in our flat when we eventually get it (...he is superstitious about magpies so I thought that constantly having two in our flat would be lucky for him!) In the bottom right hand corner of the lower canvas are the words "two for joy" very subtly. I am pleased with the outcome of the canvases but not of the photos! They don't do the colours justice and the flash has wiped out most of the detail, but you get the idea I hope. The leaf shapes are fabric-paper and are raised and feel like almost velvet.
Materials used: Acrylic paint, various handmade papers/fabric-papers, small black gems, art pens, transfer letters.


Miss Wayward said...

Oh wow I love 'em! Is the base textured?

PS I'm also superstitious about magpies haha

Anonymous said...

They're gorgeous, I would love those in my flat! I was thinking of getting magpie tattoos, two of course :)

thegreenpixie said...

Lovely work :)

shoegazer said...

Thanks for the nice comments :)

Yes the base is textured, it's a very pale blueish green mesh-paper type thing I stretched over the canvas.

Magpie tattoos sound cool! Such a good idea! x

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