Friday, 30 January 2009

Thought fox

I'm currently lusting after fox-based jewellery, I'm not sure why but all of a sudden the fox in all its autumnal glory is my woodland animal of choice! (Only slightly ahead of the deer/fawn).
So all this has inspired me to make some fox brooches (pics coming soon) and hunt for other foxy jewellery online. Here are some nice bits I've found so far...

From BluGrn Designs (More on BluGrn in an upcoming blog)
This one I found on Flickr (more jewellery of this style in an upcoming blog)

This vintage locket holds a cute little painting of a fox inside and is by Septembear.And this one I found via a Google Image search and apparently it's from Built By Wendy, although I couldn't see it on the site.

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