Tuesday, 25 August 2009

BUST Craftacular

The BUST Summer Craftacular
London - 22.8.2009
York Hall - Bethnal Green
Above: We got to Bethnal Green at about 11.50am, hoping to be one of the lucky first 100 who would get a goodie bag. As you can see, we misjudged the popularity of free goodie bags a bit!
Above: The queue stretched on and on (so we went and had lunch and waltzed in when the quese had almost completely gone)
Above: Inside BUST's Summer Craftacular Above: The stall of Love From Hetty and Dave
Above: More stalls . . .
Above: Tatty Devine
Above: Tatty Devine invited visitors to help them make a record breaking charm bracelet
Above: The Pop-Up Tea Shoppe, run by Lady Luck Rules Ok
Above: Delicious cakes!
Above: We pick vanilla cupcakes with coloured icing. Yum!
Above: Our collective haul! (We popped into the Buckingham Palace gift shop too, hence the cute soldier items!)
Above: I finally got a Little Doodles print! So happy with it! I also got a Bag O' Birds by Kate Wilson - the most friendly crafter I met at the event :)
Above: The print I got <3>

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