Saturday, 1 August 2009

Haul: Lewes

Lewes antique and flea market haul...
plus some bits from a really nice gift shop we found:
Above: Anyone who knows me will know I can never resist a flamingo! I found this little guy in Lewes' amazing flea market.
Above: This ususual Raccoon ornament originates from Russia. I saw it... picked it up and looked at it.... went off and continued shopping then just had to go back and get it! I guess £10 wasn't too bad for something to add to my collection of unusual ornaments!
Above: This purse was from a shop and tearoom called Wickle - if you are ever in Lewes make sure you go there! They had so much nice stuff! £12.50
Above: Also from Wickle, this phone/bag charm features a bird, a bow, a silver postcard and a charm with a paper plane on it. Lovely. £4.00
Above: These silver arm charms are Spanish Minagro charms. The word Minagro means "miracle" in Spanish and some believe Minagro Charms have spiritual or magical powers.
Above: This was such a good idea - vintage playing cards mounted with nice photo corners and turned into greetings cards. I couldn't find the right initial for my name, so I got my boyfriend's. I'll definately be keeping an eye out for packs of vintage games cards now I think! From Wickle. £4.00
Above: Vintage book - Birds of the British Countryside. From Lewes' flea market. £3.00. I plan to turn this into a journal or something. All the illustrations will be perfect!

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Anonymous said...

Oh wonderful! It looks so amazing, now I want to go! Def dont think I would've be able to resist anything you bought...or the Pink Panther lamps!x

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