Friday, 14 August 2009

Elsa Mora

If you haven't come across her work before, then please allow me to introduce you to Elsa Mora - a multi media artist living and working in LA. Originally hailing from Cuba, Elsa is an incredibly talented woman working with a wide range of mediums to produce jewellery, clothing, illustrations and stunningly intricate papercuts. Make sure you visit Elsa's main blog, her style blog, and please make sure you take a peek at her dedicated papercuts blog.

Examples of Elsa's work:

In a section of Elsa's "About Me", she describes her approach to work:
"My work is about human nature, about the way we are and the way we interact with each other, with ourselves and with the rest of the world. I enjoy working in different media like painting, ceramic, drawing, photography, installation illustration and in 2008 I discovered the magic of papercutting. I have a special blog within my main blog dedicated to the art of papercuts, I am fascinated with this art form. And I also have a blog dedicated to personal style and self-expression."

The item that inspired me to make this post was Elsa's Frida Kahlo inspired necklace, made entirely of paper! It is absolutely beautiful! If you visit Elsa's style blog you can see her wearing this necklace too.
Elsa's Etsy.

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