Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Bambi and Snowflake is a newly launched Etsy store bursting with exquisite, one-of-a-kind jewellery from the creative mind of Poppy O'Neill. From her home on the south coast of England, Poppy produces some truly one-off pieces that combine new and vintage chains with found charms and beads. Particularly original are the rope ladder harness necklaces.
Shoegazer is proud to introduce its readers to Bambi and Snowflake with an exciting Q&A interview... Shoegazer: Tell me a little about yourself ...
B&S: I did a degree in creative writing, and a post grad in fashion journalism, but then decided writing wasn't for me! I work for a jewellery company and Bambi and Snowflake is a way to create my own designs, as I work for other brands when I'm at the office.
S: Where does the name Bambi and Snowflake come from?
B&S: It comes from the nicknames my mum has for my two little sisters.
S: What is your workspace like?
B&S: It's in our spare room - a big desk strewn with chains and beads, products hanging on the wall and a lovely vintage mannequin I'm borrowing indefinitely from my mum for photographs!
S: Describe the process you go through whilst making a piece of jewellery?
B&S: Things often come to me when I'm trying to get to sleep ... then I can't drop off until I've written it down or done a little drawing. Then I'll get all the materials together and make it - I usually do things all in one go, even the encrusted chokers, which take ages! (see above and below)S: What are your favourite materials to work with?
B&S: I love to use mixed chains, although they can be fiddly. I also love to work with leather.
S: What are some of your favourite places to source materials?
B&S: There are great second hand shops where I live, but if I'm looking ofr something specific I will head to C&H Fabrics or etsy.

S: Where do you find inspiration?
B&S: I'm often inspired by the materials. I'll order some chain or beads and they'll inspire me to do what suits them. Their weight and texture can dictate what they'll become.
S: What is the design philosophy of Bambi&Snowflake?
B&S: Ooh, I don't have one yet - something to work on!
S: Do you plan to work in any other medium?
B&S: Not really. Maybe I'll go into hair accessories, but I don't have the skills for clothes! I love to customise my own stuff though :)
S: What’s next for Bambi and Snowflake?
B&S: Well I've only just started, so more designs, putting more into my etsy shop - perhaps some custom orders?I'm going to order some studs and start experimenting with them, so perhaps my designs will be a bit tougher for a while.


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Miss Wayward said...

I do love those ladder body necklaces. Original and sexy!

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