Monday, 10 August 2009

Joanna Rutter: Fox necklace

I've written about the wonderful work of Joanna Rutter here before, when I bought the Little Chick necklace. Since then that necklace has scaresly left my neck and has been much admired. Last week I re-visited her shop and was really happy to find a little fox cub necklace. I ordered it and was surprised when it arrived the very next day. It is so perfect. I love it! I'm now giving the little chick necklace some time off for good behaviour while the fox cub necklace gets some attention! Haha. Already this weekend it has recieved lots of nice comments from people.
I really do love Joanna Rutter's jewellery. It's well made, beautifully designed, nicely packaged and it really feels like you have something a bit unique on when you're wearing it. I would highly recommend anyone to take a look at her shop, blog and website :)

1 comment:

Miss Wayward said...

I took a look at her site; I love the fox and tree earrings!

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